Beginners Guide

Triathlon is an endurance sport that requires a competence in all three disciplines.  Usually competitors will have a background in one of the three sports and this is often their strength; likewise many participants will have weak disciplines - for many, this is the swim.

However, the objective of a triathlon is to develop a racing strategy that gets you over the finish line - be that in first place, or if you just want to finish.

In order to achieve this, you should embark on a structured training programme that helps you improve the areas you are weak at, while developing your strengths in such a way as to maximise your overall time.  Cyclists coming to triathlon often underestimate the difference between biking after a swim and biking straight; runners typically forget that their 5km PB race time set on a road race is not so achievable after pumping the pedals of a bike for 45 minutes.

There are hundreds of training plans, bags of advice, and tonnes of beginners accounts on the internet - and this is a great place to start (see links below).  If you would like to fast-track your introduction to the sport, however, nothing beats the benefit of a local triathlon club.  With organised training, experienced members of all ages and backgrounds and with other beginners to train with, your chances of getting to the starting line (leave aside the finish) greatly improve.

Trilogy Triathlon welcomes new members from across Laois to the great sport of triathlon.  But if you hail from elsewhere in Ireland, there is a list of TI-affiliated clubs available on Triathlon Ireland's website.