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2 race numbers will be provided to each entrant / team. Numbers must be worn on the back during the cycle, and on the front during the run (numbers are not worn during the swim). Entrants may chose to either pin these appropriately to their cycling and running jerseys, pin both to a single jersey worn for cycle and run or use a number belt (which is rotated front to back).

Yes, the event will use timing chips and you will be provided with a swim time, a cycle time, a run time, transition times and an over time and placing. Your responsibility will be to wear the timing chip as instructed (on ankle) at all times and to always cross timing mats. Relay teams must remember to pass the timing chip between legs. A manual timing system will also be used to provide overall finish times (no splits) in the event of a timing system failure.

Under Triathlon Ireland and event rules, the wearing of helmets is mandatory for the bike section. Please remember to bring a helmet with you, as failure to wear one will result in your dismissal / disqualification from the race.

  1. Portlaoise Try-athlon is a first-timer friendly race. You do not need any special bike to compete, though we insist on the bike you use being road-worthy (a pre-race inspeciton of bikes at transition will take place). Mountain bike, touring bike, racing bike, commuting bike are all permissable as long as they are found to be road-worthy.

Triathlon is a very popular sport, and a quick search on the internet reveals many, many sources of advice and opinion on training. The organisers have picked out the best of these for beginners on this page. The best advise, however, is simply to contact your local triathlon club (see for details of clubs). Trilogy Triathlon is based in Portlaoise and are organising this event. If you are local or near to Laois, then Trilogy would be very happy to hear from you. See more at

The most IMPORTANT time for you to note is that registration closes at 8:00 am on Race Day (it opens 7:00am, and is also open on Friday 7th April 6:30pm to 9:00pm). After 8:00am, entrants not registered will not be permitted to race. The actual time of starting will depend on the wave you are allocated to, and this in turn will be based on your estimated swim time (similar abilities start together). Wave times will be confirmed closer to the race date on this website and will also be advised at registration.

Competitor parking is available about 250m from the Leisure Centre in a public car park. You must purchase a ticket to park here, it costs €2.40 for a full day. Please do not park at the leisure centre as any spaces here are reserved for members and customers of the leisure centre who are using the gym and other facilities while the race is on.

Yes, Portlaoise Try-athlon is fully sanctioned by Triathlon Ireland, and is run according to Triathlon Ireland rules.

If you wish to organise an authorised race swap, the organisers will facilitiate this up to the 31st of March 2017.

  1. Unauthorised transferring of places will not be tolerated. At registration, you will be required to present photographic ID. Any entrant found swapping places will be disqualified and reported to Triathlon Ireland. Triathlon is an endurance sport with inherent risks, place-swapping invalidates the event insurance in place and is strictly forbidden by Triathlon Ireland.

Yes - You will receive an email confirmation of your paynment once you enter the race.

If you dont please check your Spam and if you still have not received it please contact stating your name & when you registered.

Registration will close when we have filled all Entries

Entrants can only enter Portlaoise Try-athlon online. Start your registration by clicking 'Race Entry 2017' above.

  •  €45 for Sprint Race
  •  €60 for a relay team of 2 or  3
  •  €50 for a junior relay team of 2 or 3
  •  €45 for Tri a Tri
  • Entrants are advised that they must also either possess a Triathlon Ireland annual racing licence or purchase a one-day racing licence from Triathlon Ireland.
  • One Day licences and annual licences may only be purchased from, and will be available until 05 April 2017 (subject to change). It is the entrants responsibility to purchase a necessary licence, and, under new Triathlon Ireland rules introduced in 2010, entrants will not be allowed to take part in the race if they fail to do so. 
  • Please note: It will not be possible to buy a one-day licence on Race Day
  • A relay team consists of either 2 or 3 members. Each member must complete at least one leg. For example, you could have a three person team, one swims, one cycles, one runs. If you have two members, you organise the team with one member doing one leg, the second member doing two. For example, a member might first swim, then hand-over to her team mate to complete the bike before handing back to the swimmer for the run.
  • Relay teams must tag each other by passing the timing chip. The point where this happens is at the bike stand.
  • Relay teams may be male, female, or mixed.

Only one member of the relay team is required to hold a TI (Triathlon Ireland) licence but each team member must be present to register together on race morning for the race to be covered by TI's insurance.

Triathlon Ireland licences and membership details are available from

You need a license for insurance purposes to be allowed to take part in the race  and you can have either a one day license , or full racing license.

For a One Day Membership for the Tri Laois Reace the the dee is €25 .
For the Full Race Licenses which cover you for the full year the costs are dependent on your age as follows.
For Relay Teams, If you are part of a relay team 1 membership will do to cover all entrants.
IMPORTANT - it is not possible to buy a one day licence on race day, or on the day before race day. You must purchase your race licence in advance of 5th April - Do it now!
You can Also Purchase a license to conver you at TI Club Sanctioned training events.
  • Training License:  €20
    Suitable for those who are involved and training with a club but do not intend to race regularly.  A one day license is required when taking part in a Triathlon Ireland sanctioned event.
  • Associate membership is a non-racing licence, usually used to cover coaches, marshals, club or race officials or anyone involved in the sport who does not normally race.
  • It DOES NOT allow you to race, associate members must buy one-day licences or a Full membership to race.
  • Portlaoise Try-athlon is a Triathlon Ireland sanctioned event. In order for the race to be insured, all entrants must be members of Triathlon Ireland.
  • Membership is available from Triathlon Ireland for either one year, or for one day.
  • If you are not a Full 2017 member (Senior, Junor or Student), then you will need a one day licence.
  • IMPORTANT - If you do not have a Triathlon Ireland licence, you cannot take part in the race